When We Say “I’m so busy!”

“Busy-ness has become a sort of status symbol.” Interesting. Is “busy bragging” a valid description of those who announce how incredibly busy they are? How necessary is each thing on an incredibly busy person’s to-do list? How many people add things to their to-do lists to keep from being bored, appearing lazy, or just to feel (or appear) important?

Listen to Oliver Burkeman describe busy-ness…

I think being super busy is exhausting both physically and mentally. Who’s in control here? YOU are! If you are tired of being so busy all the time, STOP IT! You don’t have to do it all.

I used to feel overwhelmed any time I tried to keep an immaculate house. Then I stopped placing such importance on it. I never understood why any lived in house should look like a builder’s display home anyway. If my messy home disgusts you, then that’s your problem, not mine. It’s an American culture that places such importance on spotless homes, not individuals.

It’s also an American culture to be so busy all the time … to be “joiners” … to say yes to everyone who seeks to steal any portion of our time. It’s OK to do nothing sometimes. It’s OK to do nothing on a regular basis. If you feel so compelled to schedule every moment of your day, then schedule time to do nothing. If that’s too difficult, then schedule an activity that doesn’t involve much activity. For instance, go to a museum and stroll through it leisurely – even sit down and just observe while there. Go to a park or beach and just sit for a while. Stay off your phone, tablet, or laptop and just be fully aware of your environment with all of your senses.

Can you do this? Is it too much to fathom? Try working it in once per month, then twice, then weekly. You may find you enjoy it so much that you manage to work it in daily. Comment below how busy you are or how you work in time to do nothing. How do either of those make you feel?

Words by Zachner

2 Replies to “When We Say “I’m so busy!””

  1. Good points. I feel most of the time we keep ourselves busy with busy work but in reality were not really all that busy. 🙂


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