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Some people prefer not to receive email notifications of new posts. Update preferences can be changed, but following a Facebook page is an alternative. My blog Facebook page is not just for sharing new blog posts; it’s also a place to share other interesting tidbits, inspirations, motivations, as well as the words of others.

Mental Health Recovery

I found a blog post on mental health (self harm) of particular interest this morning.

Little by little, start changing your lifestyle. Drink more water, eat healthier, grow stronger. Cut out toxins and processed foods (something I’m attempting at the moment). Be kinder to yourself with daily positive affirmations- not criticising yourself every morning can truly change your day. Negative thoughts are really ugly, so don’t inflict them upon yourself or anyone else for that matter. Look around you, appreciate Earth! Cut down on technology. Go to bed early, wake up early. Mix up your routine, try something different. Just please don’t you ever give up on yourself!

Words by Zachner

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