Hamstar Transition | Kia Soul Commercials

Kia’s “From Fluff to Buff” campaign for the 2014 Soul must not have been well received. Hamstar and his fellow hamster dudes went through rigorous workouts to drastically slim down. Result: anorexic looking hamsters step out of the 2014 Kia Soul onto a red carpet to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Applause”. This is the worst commercial in their collection in my opinion.

Viewers sounded off, and Kia listened. Sort of. In their latest commercial, Hamstar and his pals are fluffier again (middle ground), but now there are lady hamsters depicting a whole other body image issue. All the ladies are super slim and well-endowed in the chest area. What the hell, Kia? We know you know what real hamsters look like. They’re fluffy. Don’t be afraid of it!

Take a look at Kia Soul commercials through the years, starting with their 2010 model…

My personal favorite because I own a 2012 Alien Green Kia Soul…

Enter the skinny hamsters…

And now, Hamstar and his crew ate a few burgers and quit the gym but clearly prefer skinny ladies…

What’s your opinion? Fluffy or skinny hamsters?

For fun… Why hamsters?

If you drive a Kia Soul, the commercial tells us, then you know yourself, love yourself, and get down with yourself.

Words by Zachner

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