The Dangers of Constant Grazing or Frequent Meals

I used to graze all day long and not gain an ounce. Then I kissed my teens and 20s goodbye and something real started to happen … fat stores! OK, my more sedentary lifestyle over the past seven years has played a considerable part in this as well. I realize that!

If you sit for long periods of time and a) graze on snacks all day; b) eat very little during the day and graze on various foods all evening; or c) eat smaller, frequent meals on the belief that this boosts your metabolism, then you should read this article on the dangers of frequent eating. This Snack Attack article also has a lot of great info (fair warning on slightly indecent links to other articles on that page).

I always think about being proactive about my health and fitness level. Sometimes I even do a few exercises or take a walk but never develop a habit of it. As the months of procrastination turned into years, this is what happened to my 5’3″ small-boned (my wrist is only 5.75″) frame that used to weigh between 108 and 112 pounds for a long time. Cut to 138 pounds…

Aging Body Shape

Some of you may scoff at “138 pounds” and think that you WISH you weighed that. This is why I emphasized my height and bone structure. My normal healthy weight at nearly 48 years old should be 114-120 pounds. A healthy BMI is 18.5–24.9 … I’m pushing the upper limit at 24.4.

I’ve had to purchase new clothes, and my one new larger pair of slightly stretchy blue jeans is sadly neglected. I can’t stand how the button area of jeans poke into my stomach anyway. Yes, I’m one of those who hates a sock seam digging into the side of my little toe! :O That’s a whole other issue, though.

If you are blessed with a freakishly high metabolism for your entire life, I bow down to you. Most of us are not.

I hesitated to post this because I don’t want anyone to feel self-conscious about their body image. That’s not what this is about. This is about being fit and healthy without becoming obsessive or developing an eating disorder.

Yes, we should accept ourselves and others exactly how we are. We should also be taking care of ourselves. If you are eating right, avoiding excessive junk, and exercising regularly, then accept your body. If you are eating terribly and are not regularly active, then you CAN do something more.

I know I can do something more, so I’m no longer blowing off the current shape of my body and simply accepting it as it is. Shame on me for settling and neglecting my health!

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