Facebook’s Effect on Mood

SOMETIMES I WONDER why I subject myself to Facebook. I think I should avoid it on days when I’m already a bit on edge because those are the days it pushes me off the ledge. It’s like watching a bipolar person rapid cycle!

“My life is over. Everyone sucks. Nobody loves me. I’m done!”

“Jesus is my savior. I’m blessed. I love life!”

::shared horrible news story::

::shared funny video::

::shared thug video with expletives::

“My child is the best!”

::shared political news, views, or opinions::

::shared funny cat video::

::shared beautiful photo with bible verse::

Shared photos:

  • Selfies with duck face
  • Selfies with puckered lips
  • Selfies from high angle with raised eyebrow, sucked in cheeks, and cleavage

After perusing my Facebook news feed, I walk away feeling like…

Mixed EmotionsToo much life coming from all angles in rapid-fire fashion. How is this a good thing? Facebook Groups are good where the focus is on a common topic or centered around common interests. The overall news feed, however, is a hot mess!

I’ve been catching up on Downtown Abbey and love seeing the dainty letters and telegrams they receive multiple times per day. Texting in the early 1900s! 😀 Teas and luncheons … Google Hangouts circa 1920! Though I’m not sure how much I’d have enjoyed those either being full of gossip.

On days like today, when I’m already in a grim mood for reasons that I choose not to share with the public (compounded by sinus trouble causing dizziness and overstaying its welcome), I should avoid opening Facebook entirely.

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