Does Not Posting Routinely Make Me a Slacker?

IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I’ve stuck to any sort of a blogging routine. I think I hit a groove once when I was determined to hit a certain number of posts since the creation of my blog site. Then vacation ended, and my writing dwindled. Life and work pushed their way back in front of the line. The passion was all but snuffed out. It’s still in there … somewhere.

Why does it matter?
It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of all that is life, but it’s something I enjoy doing. Do I really need any other reason than that?

What’s so important that isn’t already covered by other media or social networks?
Absolutely nothing … at least to the average Joe (or Jane). Isn’t it enough that the subject matter be important to me? It’s enough for me. Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll branch off and start another blog that is important to someone. I can dream. Having dreams is a good thing!

So what are you going to do about it?
I’m working on that. I have ADD. No, I’m not tossing that out there flippantly as a humorous excuse for my poor memory and lack of organization. I have an honest-to-goodness diagnosis of A.D.H.D. The “H” (hyperactivity) isn’t so present physically in my case, but it’s certainly there mentally. My mind hops from one thing to another at break-neck speed. It’s also why I have trouble with articulation. My thoughts try to rush out all at once and end up tripping over one another and resulting in a puddle of incoherence.

Case in point ^ – that paragraph took a left turn and kept going.

What I need to do is come up with a schedule since I need structure to keep me on track. So I’m going to come up with a new plan and see where that takes me. I’m sure I’ll need to make changes along the way. Who doesn’t?! 🙂 Maybe having a new tech gadget (Microsoft Surface 2 with keyboard) will help, too. If I find myself in a fog, I can grab it and go just about anywhere … library, park, coffee shop. A change of scenery often helps get creative juices flowing!

BOTTOM LINE: I want to write. I’ve always wanted to write. I want to write about many different things. It’s important to me, and that’s all that matters. Right?

So hold onto your seats (but maybe don’t hold your breath too long). There are thoughts and ideas brewing in my head!

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