Facebook Messenger Privacy Uproar

Facebook MessangerI CHOOSE NOT TO INSTALL Facebook Messenger, but it’s not for reasons relating in any way to paranoia. There are many apps that request the same permissions, including the Facebook app itself. I choose not to install Facebook Messenger because it’s unnecessary and will consume even more of my time.

People are posting news articles and blog posts about one side if the issue (that of privacy) without considering both sides. I did research both sides and while I didn’t go directly to Snopes myself, this article on Snopes did appear in my search results.

They did a nice job summing up the issue. In a nutshell … If you’re going to be paranoid (I’m sorry … concerned about your privacy) about the Messenger app, you should consider the permissions you’ve allowed on the other apps you have installed on your cellular devices.

I have a cell phone on which I can receive text messages and phone calls. Huh! Imagine that! A device that receives MESSAGES. Why do I need another method of receiving messages? I can also access my email through my cellular device if any remembers that method of private communication. My cell phone number IS on my Facebook About section, so friends who wish to send me a private message with hope that I will receive it quickly CAN do so. Of course, I have my Facebook privacy set to Friends. Sorry, people around the world I do not know, you’ll have to settle for leaving a comment on my blog. 😉

Technology is supposed to make life easier. In many ways, it does. However, when it comes to managing and keeping track of the many ways in which we are contacted, I don’t consider that easier. It’s just more time consuming.

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