Take Me Out to the Ball Game

St. Louis Cardinals vs Colorado Rockies

GAME 3 IN COLORADO ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25, and I was there with my girls to cheer on the Cardinals on the Rockies’ turf. There are a lot of Cardinals fans in Colorado judging by the amount of people in red (ourselves included) and the noise they made cheering the Cards on!

We nabbed $14 seats online at the last minute. They were in section 204, row 4. If only five more rows up were available, we would have been in the shade. Luckily, we had cloud cover for at least half the time. The view was great!

Coors Field | Rockies vs Cardinals

The photos above were taken about 20 minutes before game time, but you can already see a lot of red in the seats! We were surrounded by Cardinals fans in our section, too.

Baseball is my second favorite sport to watch. Hockey is my favorite because it’s fast and intense. 🙂 Baseball is more leisurely. In Wednesday’s game, this was especially true in the bottom of the 9th. Maybe it just seemed that way because the Rockies were down by 3 runs and while it was possible, the odds of pulling off a win were slim.

Perhaps most exciting was watching Colorado native, Marco Gonzales, make his rookie debut on the pitcher’s mound, strike out Tulowitzki in three pitches, AND hit a line-drive double on an 0-2 count in the third inning! I love this article about him. 🙂

It was an afternoon game, and I had the day off so why not! I felt a little guilty sitting there for 3+ hours enjoying the game and not multi-tasking or getting anything done that needs to be done in my house. I shouldn’t, though! I finally got to experience something that’s considered to be one of America’s favorite pastimes live, and it was the perfect game. 😀 I had a great time, and I have no regrets!

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