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Nev Schulman shared this documentary, ‘Spent: Looking for Change’. It’s heartbreaking, eye-opening, and infuriating all at the same time.

I guess a lot of people hide what’s going on in their financial worlds. I know we certainly try to keep our financial situation fairly private. There are people who don’t have a clue how tight things are for us. They see us with two cars, a house, clearly not starving, and with occasional new things. That doesn’t mean we have an endless supply of money (or credit) to go crazy all the time. Only those who have read my previous blog posts or whom we have chosen to trust with our story know.

To know that this is becoming the new “normal” is disturbing. I say the prez should push a delete button to wipe out everyone’s current credit card and personal loan debt so we can all start over!

In case you’re curious about those previous blog posts mentioned above:

Between the documentary and the above reading material, I’ve probably kept you here close to an hour. o_O I hope it’s been insightful!


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