Laptop Fixed

I may have mentioned my laptop a few times in the past describing how the screen was broken and later how my son (guilty party) had purchased a separate monitor for me to hook it up to so I could at least have a way to use it. That worked great but turned it into a desktop where I had to be in one place to use it. I was upstairs at least, yet somewhat isolated from others.

My other son happened upon a laptop of the exact same model that someone had tossed in the rubbish. He had already harvested the hard drive from it for his own use. Today, he harvested the screen and another gig of ram for my laptop. Oh, and the battery, which is now charging to be put to the test later to see how long it lasts.

HP G60 - It's Alive!


Now I won’t have to bring my work laptop upstairs if I want to browse the interwebs in the family room. Plus, I can work on photos and create things on Photoshop anywhere I want again! I don’t even know how old this laptop is (over 4 years I think). She has a few minor scars and some fresh transplants and is going strong. What are the odds of stumbling across a tosser like this to be an organ donor of sorts?

To the person who frivolously tossed their laptop and probably bought something brand spankin’ new to replace it, my sincere appreciation!

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