Brighter Looking Future

After years of belt-tightening and scraping by, I’m relieved that the future is finally looking brighter. Adjusting a W4 made a big difference on taxes so instead of owing again this year, we’re getting a refund. WHEW!

Finally, we can get rid of the derelict furniture in our family room and replace it with something comfortable and multi-functional. The leather reclining couch and love seat have served us well for about 12 years. It was durable and easy to clean with young children and dogs around. However, it has torn at the seams on each seat, the padding is shot, and one of the recliners is broken. Have you ever tried to sew leather? OW! The best solution has been to toss a cover over them when company comes.

Since we don’t have a dedicated “guest room” in our house like so many others who live far away from family have on reserve for visitors, I’d like to get another sofa sleeper. It’s not as private as a separate bedroom, but it’s got to be more comfortable (and easier to get in and out of) than an air mattress. Of course, using my office in the basement as a guest room for more privacy is also an option but really only if I’m able to take time off work while the guests are here. 🙂

I am tossing around the idea of moving the futon from the open area of the basement and into my office anyway. That’s going to take a considerable amount of work. I have four sets of shelves in here with so much on them that I look like I’m in the early stages of becoming a hoarder. It’s crafting/hobby supplies, books, and paperwork that should be filed, trashed, or shredded immediately but has accumulated instead. Ultimately, I would love this room to be a more calming environment without all this crud closing in on me. Bad feng shmay!

For the first time in a long time, I was able to use my quarterly bonus from work to purchase something special just for me that I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. After nearly two years of waiting, I was finally able to buy the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens for my camera. It’s not limited to taking 1:1 ratio close up photos, though. It’s also great as a portrait lens. I hope to do some portrait work with it soon. I did take it to a high school musical last night to test it at a distance. We were sitting in the first row of the upper section of theater seats, and I was able to get shots like this from my seat:

The Who's Tommy | Pinball King and QueenWe do have another special treat coming up that I’m very excited about! For privacy reasons, I won’t divulge the details until after the fact. 😉 Must be mindful of spammers, scammers, and other creepy stalker types.

Though the future looks brighter at the moment, we know better than to get too carried away. That can lead to trouble and ultimately right back to the same place. Careful decisions must be made to be mindful of the budget.

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