Keurig Kick

I don’t understand it. I’ve heard that the Keurig makes a weak cup of coffee. A cup. A single cup. Hmmm. Pondering that… Nope! Definitely not for me. Maybe for someone who is the only coffee drinker in the house and doesn’t mind weaker coffee. If you have company over, you still may have to have a separate coffee maker – or very patient guests.

Counter Dressed to Impress?
Counter Dressed to Impress?

If you like a variety of flavors, I suppose the Keurig is a great gadget. However, I’m bothered by the fact that the outer plastic shell of the K-cups is not recyclable. I’m saddened enough by what goes into our landfills already and by the fact that such a small number of people in this country recycle. They either simply don’t care, have no clue what impact recycling makes, or feel recycling takes too much extra effort. Bottled water drinkers still make up a much higher population contributing plastic waste to landfills than these one-cup coffee connoisseurs, though. (Trying to stay on topic here!) They do make reusable filters you can use, but that sort of defeats the purpose of grabbing a fresh, sealed, flavored cup o’grinds.

Reusable Filter for Keurig

Once you have the fancy one-cup coffee maker in your home and an assortment of tiny cups of ground coffee, you have to find a place to store those tiny cups. Toss them in a drawer, stash the box of them in the cabinet, or purchase a fancy carousel to keep them organized on display like the one in the photo above or the one below.

K-cup CarouselSo while these trendy machines may be fun to try, I’ll be sticking with my 10-cup coffee maker. For those who can afford these luxuries, I mean no offense and am not knocking it. I’m merely stating that this isn’t something for me. If you have one and love it, I’m truly happy for you!

Reduce Reuse Recycle

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