Adam Levine Said What?!

The Voice | May 28, 2013

Did you all hear it? I didn’t! I saw a post on a social network about it earlier today and finally saw a video clip of it this evening. The camera wasn’t on Adam when he said, “I hate this country.” Apparently the entire Twitterverse heard it because it went nuts going off on Adam for saying it! Watch for yourself (about 1:14 into this clip)…

Really, people? You sure find the strangest things to take seriously and get all high and mighty about. Have you never said something that could be misconstrued? Ever?! It was a moment of passion, a quick slip of the tongue. Someone just let the air out of his tires and he let words fly from his mouth. That has never happened to me! {If you believe that one, I have a bridge to sell you in the Sahara.}

Moving on to what really matters about last night’s show… I expected Judith and Sasha to go home. Each week, I had trouble even remembering Sasha’s name. 😕 I guess I can see more people buying her music than Sarah’s, though. I was a little concerned about how surprised and excited Shakira was when Jimmy Neutron … I mean Carson announced her as one of the saved. Even Sasha wasn’t that shocked. I think she was more shocked by Shakira’s reaction. It made it look like she expected her to go home.

More on the Jimmy Neutron reference… on the subject of saying things you wish you hadn’t. When Carson called Usher “Urkel” for wearing the big glasses, do you think he thought of Michelle’s reaction to his comment? Besides, Urkel’s glasses were red. 😛

I did get the top two right, though. Early in the season, I didn’t expect much from Michelle, but she is definitely one of my favorites. She has shown that she can sing from the gut as well as from the heart. She and Danielle are the best left on the show now. Danielle is just so … so … perfect. And I don’t believe in perfection! Can there be two winners?

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