St. Louis Style Pizza

If you grew up in one place and then moved away as an adult, you might understand what it means to miss certain foods and restaurants only found in the place where you grew up. When I was little and living at my grandparents’ house with my dad, he and his girlfriend would bring home pizza from Imo’s every Friday night. I was instantly hooked! There are no Imo’s restaurants in Denver, though. 😦 However, we discovered that there is a place called City Pizza & Pasta on the other side of Denver in Arvada that makes St. Louis style pizza – thin crust, Sicilian-style sweet sauce, and they even have provel cheese! That’s unheard of out here! 😮 They even have toasted ravioli! 😮 😮 <- That’s a double gasp!

City Pizza & PastaWe’ve been waiting for a time when everyone was off work and school to to try this place, and today is the day! I’ll post photos and a review over on Bonne Cuisine.

There is a pretty large Italian influence in St. Louis. The Hill neighborhood is still largely populated by Italians, and they are trying to keep it that way to preserve the culture of the neighborhood. They have many amazing Italian restaurants on The Hill. If we still lived there, I’d probably have to set a goal of trying each and every one of them. I’ve only been to Rigazzi’s before a concert once.

There’s another Italian restaurant in Florissant that has not franchised and has been family owned and run for over 50 years: Roberto’s. Imo’s has my heart, but there are many who are loyal to Roberto’s.

I have to be honest, though. I usually prefer mozzarella on my pizzas, but I do love provel cold on salads. It’s still kind of fun to ask people at different delis if they have provel cheese. Without fail, every one of them asks, “Provolone?” and have never heard of it. 😀

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