Stanley’s Celebrity Status

I love this hotel! I love the history … more than just of the hotel but of the Stanley brothers. Before Eastman Kodak, there were Freelan Oscar (F.O.) and Francis Edgar (F.E.) Stanley. From dry photography plate process to violins to automobiles and more, these brothers were brilliant! Read more here. There’s also this post I wrote after our own visit.

Stanley Hotel

Room 217 is where Stephen King got his inspiration for his book The Shining just before it closed for the season in 1974. He returned to the hotel in 1995 for the filming of the mini-series version of the movie based on his book. I love both versions of the movie, but I’m partial to the mini-series because of the hotel itself. 🙂

Enter Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. The hotel’s ghost tours business seemed to explode with such notoriety. This month they had the Stanley Hotel Film Festival. It’s a little sad how the hotel seems to be losing some of its charm and class to pop culture. The Stanley Hotel has reached celebrity status, and it’s not necessarily an attractive quality.

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