Spring 2013 in Colorado Unkind

When the early buds broke on my snow crabapple this year, I anticipated the flowers … flowers on this particular tree have always, without fail, year after year meant one more big snowfall. This year that big snowfall came earlier and confused all the trees. They thought it was fall. 😦 The tiny leaflets turned brown, dried up, and fell off the trees just as yet another wet, heavy snowfall came through. Now we wait for the second buds to come forward at a time when we’re usually seeing trees full of leaves. This might mean the crabapple tree in the backyard won’t produce fruit this year. I wouldn’t be mad about that!

What I am mad about is this…

Evergreens Succumb to Heavy SnowThese shrubs were fine until that last heavy snow. Not only did they not perk all the way back up, but they are turning brown. Not-so-evergreen anymore. 😦 Will they make a comeback, or will we have to remove them? They were only about 18 inches tall when we moved here just over 13 years ago. I believe they are Leyland Cypress trees, and I’m a little surprised that they were planted in the first place because they are more for zones 6-10 (we’re zone 5 here). They could be Emerald Green Thuja, though. Don’t know. Didn’t plant them. 😀 If they have to go, I want some fast-growing trees planted in their place. I picture three Aspens along that section of fence placed 5 feet apart. In the other corner of the yard, a Hybrid Poplar. My only worry about that one is the breakage tendencies in the heavy snow.

I not only want more privacy from the houses behind us that sit on higher ground and look down into our backyard, but I want more shade. Our house faces NNW (a bit more N than NW). So the two bedrooms upstairs on the west side of the house are always the hottest in the summer. We’re just out of luck there. The backyard, however, really bugs me because I like being outside. I just don’t like being on display! 😛 If anyone wins the lottery and wants to share so I can create an amazing outdoor living space, you know where to reach me!

One Reply to “Spring 2013 in Colorado Unkind”

  1. Mine kinda look like that too, but my neighbor said it was the deer. In 10 years we never had deer eating them, and it doesn’t look like it. But really, no other explanation! Should come back my hubbie says, as long as we get water and sun and not extreme heat to stress them again.


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