Gun Control | My 400th Blog Post!

I usually refrain from posting such opinions, and I’m still going to be as gentle as possible with this one. I have to spit this out, though. The NRA recently said, “We will never surrender our guns. Never.” I also see posts on social network sites stating the same thing. I don’t see anything in the President’s plan to reduce gun violence that says anything about anyone being required to surrender guns they already own. If this is being proposed somewhere, please show me where it is written.

What does a child want so urgently to do when told not to touch something? They want to touch it! When humans are told they can’t do something, they want desperately to do it. Tell them they can’t have, and they want! It seems a bit of mass hysteria is being formed here.

Requiring background checks for all gun sales, strengthening those checks, and passing a new, stronger ban on assault weapons … I believe these are good things. I’m not against handguns for self defense with concealed carry permits. Guns for hunting? Fine! Semi-automatic assault weapons? What on God’s green earth does any John Q Citizen need those for? I’m sorry. No, I’m not sorry for having an opinion. I don’t think there is any need to have such a weapon in any house. As many reasons as someone who does have (or want) one will try to spew out to make their point, I honestly believe it’s because they are being told they may not have the freedom to purchase one in the not-too-distant future. Period.

Assault RifleIt’s interesting to me that the point was made that [killer’s name left out on purpose] left the Bushmaster rifle in the car. What if he hadn’t? He still had the thought in his head of using it when he gathered weapons that day. Ponder the alternate outcome if he had taken that one in with him.

We will continue to have the right to bear arms. No one is going to abolish the second amendment! Calm down, people.

Once upon a time, a child was told he could eat all the cookies he wanted. The child later developed diabetes. Changes had to be made to his diet, and he could no longer have all the cookies he wanted. He especially couldn’t have the giant sized cookies loaded with super-sized chocolate chunks. He never wanted it more than at the very moment he was told he couldn’t have it! However, the change was necessary.

Change happens all the time, everywhere. Sometimes it’s necessary for things to change to continue to move forward. Change is often uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be considered bad.

I can’t believe all the whining I’m hearing about the proposed gun control measures. What astonishes me even more is to witness the contempt in the hearts of my Christian friends over the issue. I just don’t understand that. Shame.

Here ends my tirade on the issue. My 400th blog post certainly went out with a bang!

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  • “Those who put their faith in guns tend to favor hollow-point bullets that kill more effectively, the very basest of functions.”

    “Those who rely on guns and bullets to “save” them are filled with fear. They believe their brothers are out to get them, and that there is no loving Creator to protect them.”


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