Colorado Native Bumper Stickers

Is there a hidden meaning to these stickers?

Colorado Native Bumper StickerWhen we first moved here, I would see these and wonder if it was simply a pride thing or if the  urban sprawl issue was really irritating those who were born and raised here. Being transplants from another state, I couldn’t help but take it personally. It’s not like we left our jobs, family, and friends behind just to move to Colorado. An existing job brought us here. I live in the U.S.A. One nation, man! 😀 I truly do appreciate the Colorado natives sharing their beautiful state.

Feel free to shed light on this!

3 Replies to “Colorado Native Bumper Stickers”

  1. Its a pride thing, I grew up in Colorado and was always told/learned its mainly for those who have lived in CO for 5 generations. Of course there are many people to have those stickers on their cars you have not been there nearly that long (hopefully at least born there). Some people don’t like the stickers since they believe only Native Americans should have the right to call themselves natives to the area.


    1. Pride can be a dangerous thing sometimes. My main point is that it made me uncomfortable the first time I saw the sticker. A job brought us here. Regardless, this is the USA. We are free to live wherever we choose. I didn’t like feeling like we weren’t welcomed by the select few who genuinely feel we don’t “belong” here because we (and apparently our ancestors) weren’t born here.


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