HOA Violation Notice – Inoperable Vehicle

We received yet another “courtesy notice” of a “possible violation” with the check mark next to “Other: Inoperable Vehicle”. The notice didn’t describe the vehicle, though. We were invited to discuss this notice by email or phone if we felt it was received in error. Wanting to make sure I had a record of such discussion this time, I chose to do so by email:

RE: “Inoperable Vehicle”

If the “inoperable vehicle” you are referring to is the teal Nissan Altima in the street, you are correct. It is, in fact, inoperable. Arrangements have already been made to remove it, and it will be gone by Saturday (1/12/13) afternoon.

The MG in the driveway cannot be labeled as “inoperable”. It is considered a “leisure-use” vehicle. This vehicle has been discussed in the past with someone in your office, and we were told it was fine. Unfortunately, that conversation was by phone so I don’t have documentation of that discussion. I don’t see that tiny car as an eye sore whether or not it has left the driveway and then parked in the same spot. When I leave the house, I often see the same cars parked in the same spots at the same houses. I don’t know if they’ve been moved at all. I don’t watch them constantly, nor do I have a surveillance camera on them 24/7 to know for a fact that they’ve moved. Technically, starting a vehicle, putting it in drive, moving a few feet forward, then putting it in reverse and moving a few feet backward can be considered being “driven under its own propulsion” … if one must present an argument.

Further, this car cannot be parked in our two-car garage because half of it needs to be used as a storage shed for trash cans, lawn equipment, and other tools. The other side is for my car. I may be a bit spoiled that way, but it’s one luxury I don’t want to give up.

Frankly, I’m offended that anyone is bothered by this car. It’s kind of like seeing an overweight girl in sweats and no makeup walking among skinny girls in designer clothes and painted faces in a “retail resort” and passing judgment on her. That’s not the kind of person I am, and it saddens me to live in a society that is like that.

Our house is not trashy and is not lowering the property value of others around us. Therefore, we respectfully request that you mark this issue as resolved.

The Karners

NOTE:  The quote, “driven under its own propulsion” referenced above came directly from a section in the notice that apparently was taken from the HOA bylaws. 

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