Elephant Passage at Denver Zoo

I had been waiting for this new exhibit to open at the Denver Zoo ever since it was first announced. It was to be called “Asian Tropics”, which I think they should have stuck with. Now it’s technically called “Toyota Elephant Passage”. Who ever heard of a Toyota Elephant?! Another example of a huge sponsor insisting on having their company name highly visible. I think it’s vulgar, and it certainly doesn’t make me want to go out and buy a Toyota. 😀 There are more animals in this exhibit than just elephants, too.

I debated on which blog to add this post to, but since it has more personal opinion (and snarkiness), I thought it belonged on my personal blog. 😉

The new exhibit is now home to two new male Asian Elephants, Groucho (41) and Bodhi (8). I thought it was going to be larger than it is, and I was disappointed with the view of the elephants through steel cables. I wish I had asked someone to explain the entire exhibit and exactly where all the elephants can roam. Here’s a map of the entire Denver Zoo. (Compare that to this map of the St. Louis Zoo, where African Elephants are found in the expansive River’s Edge exhibit.)

I did see something I’ve never seen before: Flying Foxes! Humongous bats! Don’t let the photo fool you into thinking this is only about 6 inches long. It was more like about 24 inches long!

I will always be partial to the St. Louis Zoo. It’s rich in history, has excellent exhibits, and is just beautiful all around. Plus, it’s FREE! 🙂 I’m not bashing the Denver Zoo. I’d probably go more often if it were free.

These were my favorite shots from the day, and they aren’t even of animals!

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