Heaven Fest 2012

Mention Heaven Fest to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, and they seem to draw their own conclusions – much like their reaction at the mention of the “C” word (church) or the “J” word (Jesus). Why do so many people thing all Christians are crazed holy rollers? Do you even know me? 😆

So this was my first Heaven Fest this weekend, and I really enjoyed it! It was hot and windy, and super fine dirt was blowing everywhere, but it was still a great time! Info on the site said not to bring professional type cameras, so I left mine at home. I didn’t want to carry the extra weight around that long in the heat anyway. It also said not to bring chairs taller than 12″ off the ground (stadium and low beach chairs were OK), but so many people had their regular folding camp chairs there! Now that’s one rule I would have liked to have broken as well. Logging a mental note for next time.

We made it there in time to start our day listening to Read You & Me. I work with two of the band wives! This band tours with Heaven is For Real Ministries around the world and were recently in Singapore. 🙂

This was Aaron Shust performing (photo below), and you can see the two main stages in the background. It looks dreadfully cloudy here, but most of this is due to the dust in the air. Some clouds did cover the sun, but it never rained!

Trace Bundy was cool. We actually got a spot under a small tree with some shade. I spread out a beach towel and put my bag behind my head to relax and enjoy his music.

Superchick was probably my favorite. They told the story behind writing We Live, which made cry a little. Tricia closed the set with a song from her solo album, You Are My Shepherd.

Jeremy Camp and Switchfoot were the last two bands on the main stages. Jeremy was awesome! We left before Switchfoot played. Hey! It was a long ride home!

As soon as we got home, we had to shower. That’s how bad it was. I’m sure I ate some dirt, and I know my lungs have never had this much dirt in them. It took a couple hours of coughing Sunday morning to clear them out!

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