Moving – Part 3

He moved the first time in October. There were tears. He moved the second time early January. No tears that time because I knew he’d be flying up on his days off. His girl was still here until they had enough money for the big move. That day finally came. They’re both moving nearly 400 miles away. I got this! He already broke me in.

Yesterday I realized that he was spending his last official night in Colorado as a resident on the same night as he spent his first official night in Colorado when we moved here as a family. February 27. Everything was packed in the truck except pillows, a blanket, and morning necessities (they slept on the floor at the apartment), and Jason requested Panda Express because they don’t have any in Farmington, NM. So Panda was waiting for them when they finally made it over after 9:00 PM. I was tired, which explains the robe.

They still had to bring over the second apartment key and the mailbox key in the morning for Josh, who’s taking over the lease on the apartment. So in the back of my mind, I knew that wasn’t the final goodbye for probably three or four months. I only had a little trouble falling asleep. However… I woke up to the sound of the wind still gusting and immediately worried about the drive with that big moving truck in the wind. Then it all hit me. I don’t “got this”! 😦 Waterworks!

I pulled it together, got dressed, drank some coffee, watched some 19 Kids & Counting (I can’t help myself), and waited. I was fine. They were here for a few minutes, gave Josh the keys, and then it happened. Kennah came in for the first hug, and I fell apart. Then I squeezed Jason, and he squeezed back, and I was a sobbing mess as they walked out the door. Then Ali hugged me. She left for school, I did some laundry, and now I’m crying again. Big, ugly, sobbing, sniffling cry face!

But… I know it’s time. First birdie to leave the nest. Second birdie on his way right behind him.

Ya know? Nobody ever told me about this part! I was never one to cry over little things. Okay, I cried a little when the boys started Kindergarten. Oh, and I freaked out when Jason broke his arm near his wrist. Those were short-lived bouts of tears, though. THIS is the hardest part of parenting in my opinion. Letting them go.

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