A Letter to Waste Management

Dear Waste Management,

I feel that it is arrogant of you to expect us to place our rubbish cans perfectly for you to make it easy for you to do your job only to have you place them lazily in the street behind the very cars that you don’t want blocking the cans in the first place. That’s just rude!

I saw that you almost skipped picking up a neighbor’s trash this morning because her car was blocking it. The poor lady came running out of her house waving her arm and yelling, “I’m moving it!” Yet, two weeks ago, you placed our cans so that they completely blocked our recycling bins from view of the recycling truck. Therefore, we were overlooked and have almost twice as much recycling out this time. I say almost because we ended up tossing a lot of recycling in the normal trash the last two weeks because our bins were full!

For the record, no, I don’t feel your job is easy or unimportant. However, when you show such little respect for us, how are we to show respect for you?

A Homeowner Tired of Your Laziness

Here is what they do with rubbish cans when they’re done (and yes, I like saying “rubbish”)

There is room on the wide sidewalk on the other side of that mound of snow you see.

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