Patience & Perseverance

Good things come to those who wait. I usually doubt that or at least wonder exactly how long we have to wait for those good things to finally come. The statement came true for Josh yesterday. He had been searching for a used car and saving money. There’s this one dealership that’s great for working with all sorts of credit (even lack thereof), but the one car he thought about test driving wouldn’t even start on the lot!

So we went across the street to a Mazda dealership to check out their used pre-loved cars. It turns out that they have a first-time buyer program. Who knew?! After some tense phone calls the next morning, they finally gave in and met his price. He finally has his own brand new car – a Mazda 3. He actually has TWO cars now. We have to figure out how to arrange everything in the garage to get the MG Midget to fit until he figures out what to do with it. The HOA will only be so patient, I’m sure! Plus, I want the driveway space back since there are so many cars on the street by evening taking up parking already. :O

Darcy Elliott

I don't believe humans truly have a purpose. Our goal is to survive until we expire. Period. Joy is pleasurable and worrying is not. Balance in life is crucial; but if the scales must tip, may they tip on the side of joy. I’m just another human trying to survive. I blog because I can and because I enjoy it, not because it serves any purpose.


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