Social Classes | Impact on Relationships

The Ritual Cobb Salad Lunch scene in Julie & Julia got me again. The differences in the social classes are blaringly apparent, and I can totally relate to how Julie felt sitting there with her friends who went on to have successful careers while she was stuck working for the government in a cubicle. This is the only scene those friends are in, but I’m sure they lived in nice apartments in New York, while Julie lived over a restaurant in sort of a run-down studio apartment.

I understand getting together with old friends like this occasionally, but I bet she didn’t make it a habit of hanging out with them at that point. It just doesn’t happen. Different social classes just don’t mix. Why? Lack of commonality. Why would you choose to be around those with whom you don’t have a lot in common? We generally choose to be around people of the same means and with similar situations because we understand one another.

Sometimes it’s hard when there are people in your own family who are not of the same means or with similar situations. I imagine it’s just as hard on either side of that coin. While it’s hard for those less fortunate to hear of purchases and travels, it might sometimes be hard for those more fortunate to wonder if they need to tiptoe around the less fortunate so as not to bring them down.

Truly, I am happy for those more fortunate. I know that someday, we will get there. We will be the ones traveling and experiencing great places! We just did things a little back asswards and have to fix it now. For the next three years and two months (yes, I’m counting), we won’t be doing much of anything. We have a plan, and we are not backpedaling on this one! The only really scary thing about that is the thought of a family emergency coming up requiring a road trip. 😯 Heaven forbid. Everyone stay healthy and alive!!!

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