Not-So-Extreme Couponing

I plan on getting back in the game – the coupon game – the savings game! I switched stores along the way, and then found my filing system to be overwhelming. All coupon inserts jammed into one hanging file folder. Searching for inserts by date became a nightmare! (I need them by date because CouponMom tells me where to find specific coupons that match items on sale.) So I gave up a little on the extreme couponing and just searched my store’s site for electronic coupons to load to my store card. I’ve also been searching for printable coupons just for items I need.

No more! I want to get back to grabbing a few extras when I can. If I can save 50% or more, it’s totally worth it to me to make an extra trip to a different store or even double back to the same store later in the week. I don’t have enough room in my file cabinet for more hanging files, but I remembered that I have some empty file boxes in the house (the ones with lids and handles). I picked up some more Pendaflex files and started a new system this morning before work.

I just noticed that that top page on the stack in front of the box says “Resolve to save more”! 😀 I think I just might!

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