Three Countries I’d Like to Visit | Part 1: England

I don’t think this comes as a surprise to many who know me (at least not lately). I want to see England by the time I’m 50. I may be exactly 50 – that’s alright! There will come a day when we can afford to travel, and England is first on my list of other countries I want to see. This is now part of my five-year plan. The other countries on my list (separate posts yet to come) will be part of my ten-year plan, which I haven’t started on yet.

Of course, I want to start in London and catch the top 10 attractions there. OK, I’d have to see some of the photographic galleries as well! Maybe we’d stay in a fabulous rental like this or this (or if we win the lottery, this) before heading off to explore other parts of England. Next on the list, Stratford-Upon-Avon. From there, it’s just an eight-mile drive south to Ilmington, which is where some of my ancestors are from. Then off to Wales, where more of my ancestors are from.

It’s quite a long journey back to London from Wales (about 150 miles), so a stop over in Gloucestershire to explore the Cotswolds on the way would be nice. Then back to London for a tour of Buckingham Palace before returning home with several flash cards full of photos and our heads full of memories.

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