Royal Engagement Ring

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m mildly obsessed with the British Monarchy and everything England. I love Kate’s style, and I have always loved that engagement ring since the first time I saw it on Diana’s finger! I’ve seen rings inspired by the royal engagement ring, but they fall grossly short of the real thing.

The real deal has 14 prongs holding the sapphire in place. There are 14 diamonds surrounding the sapphire, and each of those is held in place by five prongs. Many rings inspired by the original have only five prongs holding the center stone in place and three prongs holding each surrounding stone. Many even have additional stones surrounding the sapphire. Some are set on a thicker band either with additional stones set in the side, solid, or partially split – all unlike the original small band.

I finally found one that is a true replica of the original. It’s a lab-created sapphire, held in place by 14 prongs, and surrounded by 14 Cubic Zirconias, each of which are held in place by five prongs! It’s set on a simple, thin band as well. It’s just lovely!

The price was so low that I wouldn’t feel nervous wearing it in the scariest part of town (not that I frequent such places). So I ordered it for myself for Christmas! Any other day I would pass it by as a want, not a need. But … ’tis the season!

UPDATE: Here is a better photo of the actual replica now that I have it:

12/28/11 Edit:
Why is this special to me?  Several reasons. For starters, the story behind the ring chosen by Lady Diana, which caused a bit of a scandal. She chose what she wanted, though, not what was expected of her. I admire that immensely! Also, the fact that the ring I have consists of a lab created sapphire surrounded by cubic zirconias and still looks this fabulous … I mean, come on! Case in point – it doesn’t have to cost a half million dollars to be stunning. And finally, this was the only Christmas gift this year that is only for me. So, in a way, it symbolizes hope for a better more comfortable future.

2 Replies to “Royal Engagement Ring”

  1. I always bought myself a Christmas present when shopping for others. This year it was the chick from Walmart that does the chicken dance LOL. Your ring is gorgeous!


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