Kid in a Candy Store

That is exactly how I feel this morning! I feel like a kid in a candy store! I pulled out a few more boxes of paper crafting stuff from the crawl space. WOW! One good thing about a long hiatus from the craft is that it feels like you’re starting for the first time only fully loaded! YAY!

And to think, at one point, that I had actually entertained the notion of selling a lot of this stuff! Yes, my friends, even my Cricut! It took so long to schlep everything upstairs and get set up in the dining room whenever I wanted to craft that I finally just gave up and let it go. The same thing happened with making jewelry and dragging everything out of the closet each time. When I left it out, photography seemed to take up my time, and the jewelry findings gathered dust. Oh my many hobby loves!

Soooo…. Maybe – just maybe – now that I have everything in one place, I can begin the process of organizing everything to make it quicker to get to. Granted, I don’t have quite enough room to leave both paper crafting and jewelry crafting out at the same time. That could present a small problem, but I’ll worry about that later! Not much later, though, because I need to be doing both quite a bit over the next few weeks! 😯

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