Many people don’t like change … unless, of course, it’s to their benefit. I think it’s because they don’t like the process necessary to get through a change. How you deal with your feelings about that process makes a lot of difference.

Moving my office, crafting stuffs, and photo equipment into a new space in my house is to my benefit, but the circumstances and the process isn’t all sunshine and laughter. It took an adult child leaving the nest and is involving a lot of elbow grease to get there. Of course, the boy took what he needed and left the scene in a bit of a shambles. My husband worked on cleaning that up as well as priming the crimson red walls, aided by the eldest daughter. Then I took over and painted the walls with a little creative (see photo) and trim work help from both daughters. Carpet cleaning is on the agenda for this morning. The actual move will have to wait until we get some help in the form of fairly big muscles because my desk is pretty heavy. Then there’s the task of hooking everything back up.

The tan was still wet in the lower right photo and dried slightly darker. The green was dry in the same photo and had dried slightly lighter. Weird how that happens! The tan was actually paint we had left over from our master bedroom (resourcefulness). After working with the Behr paint (green), I’ll never go Gliddon (tan) again!

It jut hit me that this move is going to alter my morning commute. Currently, I walk down a very short hall, hit the power button on the computers (work and personal), then I go get my coffee, let the dogs out, and fill their food & water bowls. By the time I get back upstairs, everything is ready for me to log in. Now I’ll have to rethink that whole process. Do I want to go all the way downstairs to power up before coffee & dogs? If only all of life’s dilemmas were this taxing!

There’s just one more issue to be dealt with down there. Eight-legged ememies! We have a partial basement with crawl space and subfloor over dirt. This makes it even easier for these critters to venture into our space. I’m pulling the plug on Orkin for budget reasons, plus they raised their rates. So I need to know if I can purchase that powder stuff they spray on window sills and such that poisons spiders but is not deadly to dogs. Picture it: I’m on the phone with an advertiser and suddenly let out a scream as I realize a spider is crawling up my leg! 😯

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