It’s Not a “Perfect” Life, but it’s OUR Life

I’m sorry Goslins, but I’m using this statement from your show opener. I’ve let people and their perfectly cleaned, organized, and decorated houses as well as their plans for raising the “perfect” children intimidate me and make me feel inadequate long enough. How many times have I said it? There’s no such thing as perfect. Finally, right now in this moment, I am close to completely OK with that (because completely would be a version of perfectly).

I’m not one to do things in anything resembling a prescribed way. In fact, I generally balk at trends because I don’t want to be like everyone else. In a similar way, I’ve never felt it necessary to force my kids when it comes to school. Jason attended high school all the way through his senior year but was just shy of enough credits to graduate with his class. So he got his GED instead. He pass the first time with really good scores. Josh … brace yourselves … dropped out half way through his senior year and took his time about getting to that GED. I know. You may be shaking your heads right about now. When he was ready, though, he nailed that GED with slightly higher scores than Jason even. (Sorry Jason. It had to come out sometime.) 🙂

For the past 18 months, Jason was in college while Josh got lost in computer server land playing peer-to-peer games and blogging about tech things. I know people had their opinions about that and about us for “allowing” it to go on. I thank those people for keeping their opinions to themselves. 🙂 I knew that Josh wouldn’t grow old and fester in that room downstairs. But, just like with the timing of getting his GED, the decision to get out and do something had to be his. I knew it would happen. Still, it’s not “ideal” according to Paul & Penelope Perfect, who believe a four-year university immediately after graduating from high school with a 3.5 GPA or better is the only way to go. If that works for Mr. & Mrs. Perfect and their lovely children, great! No, really. I think it’s fabulous! Even more so if that happens with no stress, tears, or arguing! I do not like hate stress, tears, and arguing. Yes, “hate” is a strong word (and not one that is thrown around this house at one another, ever), but it is absolutely appropriate here.

At the end of this week, several great things happened. I got a promotion at work. Yay me! Jason became an official certified FAA airframe & powerplant mechanic (that means he’s going to work on airplanes). These guys deserve even more credit than pilots! Ali, along with her fellow thespians, won best over all float in their homecoming parade (second year in a row). AND … drum roll please … Josh got a full-time job making considerably more than minimum wage. People may not think working at Walmart is great (some for political reasons, I’m sure) but as hard as it is to find work these days, it’s no time to be a “job snob”. 😀

Taking a step back and soaking all that in makes me realize that, aside from a little stress caused by home office disorganization (largely due to out of control ADD – fact, not cliche), my house in all it’s messy, cluttered glory is just fine. Anyone who can’t see past that, I truly believe, just doesn’t get it. If the clutter makes you uncomfortable, I do apologize. But it will probably still be cluttered after the last child has left the nest. It’s just who we are, who we’ve always been. It’s our life.

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  • Very powerful post. I decided to get my GED after being behind my peers due to migraines. The freedom is amazing, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Sure, it isn’t ideal for most people, but it was okay for me.

    I’m glad your sons are finding their path in life, as well as you daughter. The value should be placed on them doing what they think is right, not what fits the mold.


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