Remembering 9/11 | F-16 Jets in Flight

I don’t understand war, at least not the wars that go on for years and years with no clear updates on what is being accomplished, but the feeling I have today surprised me a little. The F-16s have been flying out of Buckley Airforce Base quite often since Thursday. They’ve flown over our house about six times already this morning, and it’s only 10:30! Just knowing that they are up there ready to protect our country gives me chills, and yes, brings a tear to my eye (both of them)!

Greg and I discussed the chances of an attack on this day last night. I thought the chances would be lower because we’d be expecting it and would be on heightened alert and ready for it. Greg said that could be all the more reason they would pick September 11 to strike again – to show their power over our readiness.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a more rural area in a humble little house with at least a couple acres between us and any neighbors and without the need for such a high income – away from high-profile cities that could be targets for future attacks (and I’m sure Denver ranks up there). Then again, I like being able to get to both a big city and the great outdoors within an hour or so. Living in the burbs close to an airforce base is a happy medium I suppose!

To our military … Thank you for watching over us!

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