Emotional Roller Coaster – Transition Time

I know several teens heading off to college this month (several left today). Having one who is now a senior, I know I’ll be seeing my own off to college this time next year if things go as planned. At least mine will only be an hour away. Some of these kids are leaving the state. That also hits close to home because I also have one who is graduating from college in less than two weeks and will be moving out of state most likely within the next month or two. The girls are excited about this because this means they will no longer have to share a bedroom. Every time I hear their excitement, though, it reminds me why this will be possible.

Everything changes. I know this. It just always seems that changes come in globs! Can we space them out a little more maybe??? It makes me all emotional, and as much as I try to stuff it down and ignore it, it’s becoming a major distraction for me lately.

So to lighten the mood, I leave you with this clip from an fun college movie…

DISCLAIMER (OF SORTS): I am in no way endorsing drunken behavior at college. In fact, embedding was disabled on the Animal House video so I’ve removed it. Revenge of the Nerds stays, though! This totally nerdy classic from the 80’s is a favorite because I know what it’s like to not really have a specific clique. I wasn’t really a nerd, but I wasn’t a cheerleader, thespian, braniac, or prom queen, and although I was in a chorus class, I wasn’t into choir, band, orchestra, or sports. 

2 Replies to “Emotional Roller Coaster – Transition Time”

  1. Thanks, Sheila….I appreciate the sentiment! But not sure that scenes of drunken, partying college students is exactly a “comfort” to those of us whose “babies” have just flown the nest! (I know, I know….get used to it, they are own their own!) Ü


    1. Oh, I definitely know what you mean. At the same time, I realize that Animal House isn’t the norm for college students and is, for the most part, grossly exaggerated for the entertainment of movie-goers. Revenge of the Nerds, however, is also an exaggeration and more my speed. I’ll add sort of a disclaimer to my post. 😉


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