Vacation Determination

Rain, rain, go away! What is UP with the weather in Colorado this summer? Watch … Next week will be fabulous when I’m back at work for probably a full 50 hours. Earlier this week, the forecast didn’t show rain for Thursday and Friday. It crept in anyway. I was sick of sitting at home, though, and was determined to get out of this house without having to spend a lot of money to do something indoors. I found Putter’s Pride in Lakewood on the internet. After getting a little lost, thanks ever so much to the inaccuracy of Google Maps, we made it and had fun despite it being uncharacteristically humid in our neck of the woods. We chose to play all three courses, but skipped several holes as we passed a large daycare or summer camp group of kids. Had I known that so many of the holes were so similar (and soggy), we probably would have stopped at one course. Some holes were also skipped because the cups were filled to the top with water! Still fun!

After this, we were hot, hungry, and thirsty. I knew Colorado Mills wasn’t too far away and thanks to GPS navigation on my phone, we found it. A little food, a little browsing, a little listening to the torrential downpour hitting the roof of the mall, and a couple games of air hockey (super fun and made me wish we had space and money for our own table!), then I was ready to go. Miranda wanted to walk the final third of the mall we had skipped, but I know rush hour starts early in Denver and wanted to try to make the front end of that.

P.S. Leaving at 3:30 did not put us at the front of rush hour – at least not by much. I kept thinking how thankful I am to work from home and not have to sit through that traffic every day.

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