Savings | It’s More than Coupons & Club Cards

Not only am I saving with paper coupons, club cards, and eCoupons loaded directly onto my King Sooper club card, but I’m saving at the gas pump based on how much I spend at the grocery store. Read about this deal in this article. I just saved 50¢/gallon at Loaf ‘n Jug using my King Sooper club card. That’s a savings of $6.50 for 13 gallons!

There’s more! You know how when the checker hands you your receipt and tells you how much you saved? That’s not necessarily accurate. I know for a fact that I actually saved even more than the guy told me because of my generic brand choices on several items. Without making a price list, though, I can’t really guess how much I saved. I can tell you that the two bags of Kroger snack mix were less than one bag of the actual Chex Mix. That’s about a 60% savings right there! Now if I can only refrain from finishing off one of those bags before bed tonight. 🙂

I think $73 for enough stuff to feed the six of us breakfast, lunch, and dinner for at least four days is a pretty good deal. Yeah, there’s a certain thrill about getting stuff for free or next to nothing, but there’s also a thrill about slashing how much you spend per month simply by being smart and planning ahead. There’s no need to hoard. The need for creating a stockpile is debatable and not at all what this post is about. 😉

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