Almost Ready…

…Driver’s License, Here She Comes!

With only a few hours of driving time to complete, we have a goal of June 27! We’re both off work that day. So that either means Greg takes the Jag to work that day, or she takes her test in the Jag. 😀 I think we’ll be squeezing in more Jag time anyway, and she did say she preferred how it handled over the Sonata the one time she drove it. I’ll be sure to take it off sport mode first! The biggest thing to her advantage in the Jag are the adjustable pedals.

She had been driving too and from school in the Sonata when Greg was still working nights at the place that shall not be named. When he got the new job working days, I wasn’t quite ready to hand over the reins to Miss Kitty. Then I ended up with a set schedule and on a rotating shift as a point person for urgent questions via Skype at work, so I was usually in a hurry when picking her up from school.

But no more excuses! She has a summer job with a varying schedule, and the sooner she can drive herself the better! Even more so when she can drive herself in her own car! Now… if anyone knows where she can find such a car for cheap (probably under $2000), PLEASE let us know!!! It must be small and reliable. Needing a little work is OK. Needing a lot of work is not OK!

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