Persnickety Miss Kitty

Waiting at the auto shop.

Remember my check-engine light and restricted performance message issue in my car earlier this year? It turned out to be a knock sensor (my car has two, lucky me). That was replaced in March, and everything was fine after that … until the day before my daughter’s prom when the car hesitated once and the light came on again. The next day it was off, and it stayed off until last week. They told me the other could take weeks or months to give me grief. It took just over two months.

So I took the car in on Monday, and they had the part in and work done by Wednesday afternoon. Rock on! Right? … Wrong! I made it almost all the way home and the light came on again! I called them right away and asked why, if it was fixed and fine, was my check-engine light on again??? Yesterday was packed with meetings and “taxi service” so I took it back this morning. Of course, the light was not on this morning. However, when the guy drove it, he did experience the hesitation once. That got their attention! A quick hook-up didn’t reveal anything, so someone drove me home so I could work and they could dig deeper into the car. Nearly seven hours later, it was done. They did find an intermittent misfire that was probably causing the problem. At least we all hope that was the root of it! I got the complete 100,000 mile tune-up at just over 72,000 miles, and they replaced the ignition coil and spark plugs and added fuel injection system cleaner.

Total for parts, labor, & diagnostics .. $565.27
Discount …………………………………… $565.27
Invoice total ……………………………… $o.oo (ZERO!)

Yeah, that’s right! So you can either be afraid they’ll miss something and not want to use them, or you can feel confident that if they miss something, there may be no additional charge and want to use them. It’s Hot Shots Auto in Centennial. They’re on Jordan between Arapahoe and Broncos Pkwy.

{Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S – AT&T’s Captivate using Vignette app.}

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