Is It Real?

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Yep! The floor is real! 😀

A few weeks ago, we went to Floor & Decor Outlet in Highlands Ranch to take a look around. Our next-door-neighbor told us about the place and the super low prices on flooring. I snapped some pictures of living room, dining room, and family room furniture before heading out the door. Using only those pictures, we picked out one type of flooring for the family room and another type for the living & dining rooms together, and both match the respective rooms beautifully! The flooring in the lv/dn rooms (spalted maple) was marked special, and you can’t even find it on their website now. It’s my favorite because it has a varied, almost unpredictable pattern – matches my personality!

It’s a good thing only Ali went with us, too. She and I had to share the front seat on the way home (shhhh) because we managed to fit all of the flooring in the back of the Sonata with the seats folded down!

I shared pics taken with my cell cam of the family room and some of the living room, but here are some taken with the “real” camera (click on pics for larger view)…

Of course, now it stands out even more that we are in desperate need of color on the walls! I’m so happy with the floors right now that I don’t mind waiting a while longer to paint. 🙂

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