Primping – How Much is Too Much?

Fancy hairdos, jewelry, and fine clothing is pretty much poo-poo’d in the bible. So would this be wrong to wear?

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. ~ 1 Peter 3:3

So how much is too much? Obviously, we have to wear clothes. Going naked certainly would be even more of a shocker in the eyes of strict Christians, no doubt! I respect the belief of the Amish, but I don’t think we all need to go to that extreme either. I think when we place too much importance on what we’re wearing, that is when there’s a real issue. We don’t need to care so little that we dress in rags or are a disheveled mess wherever we go. I prefer to dress for comfort and to look comfortably put together. I don’t seek out popular designer labels, and I prefer not to have the name of any designer outwardly visible if at all possible. Even if I had much to hang out, I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting it. My cleavage (or lack thereof) is not what I want people to notice just as much as I don’t want to advertise who made my clothes or accessories.

There are some other religions that don’t wear any jewelry (not even wedding bands). It’s funny … I don’t wear a lot of jewelry most of the time as it is, but I like to make it. I rarely put earrings in and if we go out anywhere, I’ll put on my wedding ring and maybe a bracelet or necklace that I’ve made. Occasionally, if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll put a ring on my other hand. 😀

The hair is another story. I don’t do braids, and I entertained the notion of letting it go gray naturally. Then I couldn’t take it anymore and covered the gray with a color as close to my natural color as I could get. However, I do pull my hair back to get it out of my face, and I fasten it with some sort of hair clip. I’m not concerned about drawing attention to it – just getting it out of my face. I considered putting highlights in it again and even made an appointment for later this month, but I think I’m going to cancel that and just keep up with the cheap, store-bought remedy for the grays.

Bottom line for me… I prefer a classy, slightly trendy, pulled-together look for myself in fashions that aren’t too young or too old for my age and that work with my body type. Simple, no muss/no fuss works for me! Every now and then, I may add a tiny bit of bling to accessorize. On the other hand, if you happen to drop by when I’m working during the day, you’ll likely find me in comfy pants and a plain old T-shirt. This verse doesn’t mention makeup, but even that is fairly minimal for me. Just enough to highlight my eyes and even out skin tone for the most part to look as natural as possible. And there you have it! Not plain Jane, but not one to seek attention by my appearance.

The more I think about it, I’m gathering a different meaning. You can spend an extraordinary amount of time primping and adorning yourself until you feel beautiful on the outside, but it means nothing if you don’t possess inner beauty that shines through all of that!

One Reply to “Primping – How Much is Too Much?”

  1. Completely agree with the whole inner beauty! But, I have to admit, that I do LOVE putting on makeup, curling my hair, and picking out my clothes.
    But my intentions of doing so are not by any means to draw attention to myself, make myself appear to have money, or make me out to be something that I’m not. I just simply LOVE fashion. I LOVED this post so much!!! Thanks for sharing your views.

    Please stop by and say hi


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