Have You Heard of VRBO and HomeAway?

Going on vacation but not looking forward to a cramped hotel room? Try VRBO and HomeAway. These companies are being recognized by the media more and more these days! Here’s an article on CNN.com’s travel page.

{They don’t look up properties for you or take any part in the reservation process. They are simply a venue for advertising for individual property owners and managers. Searching is the traveler’s job and booking is strictly between traveler and advertiser. This is stated in the Terms & Conditions that hardly anyone reads.}

Here is a snippet from Travel & Leisure Magazine:

And here is a snippet from Sunset Magazine:

If you’re a little hesitant about the whole idea of renting someone’s house instead of staying in a cramped hotel room, read this. You may have to do a little more homework before jumping into a rental agreement (and I suggest that you do), but it’s well worth the effort.

Going on vacation isn’t always about seeing how many activities you can do and how many sites you can see in a short period of time. It can also be about relaxing and experiencing life as you might if you didn’t have to work. There are homes around the world to fit any budget on these sites. There are even houseboats and yachts! Check it out if you haven’t already.

  • Edited on 6/3/11. Everything in this post is, without question, already public information. Not being snarky – just standing on principle. 🙂

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