Out with the Old & In with the New

Even if we had taken “before” pictures, I’d be too embarrassed to share them. Suffice it to say that the carpet that was once light beige (nearly off-white) and was at least 11 years old was a traffic- and pet-worn mess. Not only was it an eye sore, it was a nose sore as well. This has been a big reason I’ve been too mortified to have people over for anything. You can easily toss clutter into another room and close the door on it, but you can’t hide odors. Gates are only effective when used consistently, and not all dogs are perfect. The ones that aren’t perfect don’t deserve to be discarded because they’re stupid. At least, that’s not how I play. 😛 Even working from home wasn’t helping until I finally got smart and set an alarm on my phone to let the dogs out. Now, finally, they are on a schedule. Wouldn’t it be funny if they got used to the alarm and ran to the door as soon as they heard it. Currently the alarm tone for this is set to the Sex & the City theme song! 😀

Even before the current dogs in the house, there were two other dogs who have since crossed the rainbow bridge. Many dogs lose bladder control in their final years. That’s not all! When we moved into this house, our kids were 2, 6, 9, and 9. With that many living creatures in a house, stains happen!

Anyway… here was the work in progress:

After pics taken by Greg:

The stairs are now done, too (flash on Greg’s cell cam makes them look yellowish, but they aren’t):

The rule about not wearing shoes through the house just doesn’t fit us. It’s a nice concept, and kudos to those who are able to follow that rule! We usually come in through the door from the garage, which in our house does not lead into a mud room- it leads directly into a hallway with no place for a shoe collection. Then there’s the whole summertime flip-flop wearing scene. Your feet can be just as dirty wearing those things as the bottom of the shoes in the first place. EW!

So we have one more level, plus the full set of stairs to the top level, to be done. But brace yourselves! I know the general population is split on real hard wood vs. laminate in the first place, and there are some out there who may consider laminate flooring ghetto fabulous. Those are exactly the people I expect to flip over our next project… we’re having the kitchen and bathroom counters sprayed to a faux granite look. You read that right – sprayed. Another good thing about getting to know your neighbors is learning about their connections. I can’t talk price, but there’s no way we could replace that much countertop with even the exact same thing for this price. If it doesn’t hold more than a few years, then that’s a few years more we have to save for something “real” while not looking at this pale blue crap installed by the builders. I mean, what were they thinking?! Pale blue counters with beige (almond) sinks. Clash of warm and cool. Come on! At least we’re going from tacky crap to semi-tacky chic! The bathroom sinks aren’t being replaced right now, but we are putting in a stainless sink in the kitchen.

I’m excited to finally be getting rid of eye/nose sores and to be getting things that are at least pleasant to look at. While it won’t be everyone’s definition of beautiful, it certainly is beautiful to us compared to before. The fact that we didn’t have to charge anything is the cherry on top!

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