American Idol – Haley Reinhart’s Farewell Song

I knew it would happen. I guess there are some strong country (and young) voters out there, though. I also heard there were some people who didn’t care for Haley’s attitude. I don’t see anything wrong with her attitude. She was bold enough to stick up for herself one week. I used to get squashed if I tried to talk back when I was young and thought I didn’t have the right to do so. I know better now and am making up for lost time. So I applaud anyone who speaks their mind (within reason, of course). Hopefully, we will be hearing Haley on the radio by next summer – if not sooner! I will definitely buy her music!

Watch Haley’s final song and explain what’s bad about her attitude here. I think she handled herself with class last night.

Thank you AmericazGotTalents for providing high quality videos so quickly!


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