American Idol | And Then There Were Three

When Ryan announced that the person leaving us this week was James Durbin, I was not sad. I’m glad to see both the ladies in the top three and really didn’t care which of the guys joined them. Yes, he’s good. Yes, I expect we will hear him on the radio soon enough. What makes me laugh is everyone who says “I’m not watching anymore!” when their favorites are voted off. Really? I bet you will. 😀 Remember, whoever wins is tied to the program’s rules at first. I’m sure the rest have things in their contracts as well, but they do have more freedom. I have no idea what any of those rules are, but I’m sure they’re there!

I listened to Haley’s Earth Song again (below), and I still don’t get why Randy & JLo were so hard on her. They said they were pushing her to do exactly what she came back out with next, I Who Have Nothing (below below), but every single song doesn’t have to be so strong. She did it exactly right. The feeling and emotion to that song is supposed to be soft and a bit sad in the beginning and more angry at the end. Whatever! Haley Reinhart for the win!!!

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