American Idol – Another One Gone

J-Lo is heartbroken. Her boy crush has been voted off. Stefano Langone is out of the running for American Idol. I’m not crushed. Amazing story of survival and great personality aside, I wasn’t in love with his voice.

Next to him at the bottom was Jacob, who I think (unless he pulls out something amazing next week) will go home next . He made me cry on an already emotional day with Dance With My Father.

Haley won me over again with one of my favorite songs, Rolling in the Deep, and I can NOT believe she was in the bottom three again. America, are you deaf?

James. James, James, James… Amazing! Another favorite song of mine, and he slayed it! The entire package – vocals and performance – was incredible.

I was surprised by Lauren’s song choice. Her lower register gives her some trouble. She can belt out the big notes, but I still maintain that belting the big notes is not all that hard. You get there, and you project. It sounds impressive, but it isn’t hard. I still like her, though.

I don’t like Maroon 5. They irritate me. Not sure why. However, Casey made that song so much better. Casey haters, back off! I love this kid!

Swingin’? Really, Scotty? That’s all I have to say about that.

Disagree with me? Listen to them all again here. Listen closely. Then bring it!

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