Extreme Couponing

There’s a new show on TLC called “Extreme Couponing“. I flipped it on last night thinking there would be interesting tips, but I was disappointed (almost disgusted) by what I saw. The show seems to be more about exploiting an obsession than offering any helpful tips.

I’m all for cutting costs if you can, and I know it is hard work to plan and organize such shopping adventures. I’ve experienced the excitement of hearing, “You saved 40% Mrs. Karner” (OK, I’m not fond of being called”Mrs. Karner” for the simple fact that it makes me feel old and I hate formality, but you know what I mean). But to see the homes of these people who stock pile without knowing when to stop stock piling made me think of the other TLC show … Hoarding! For heaven’s sake, share some of that with a local food pantry and help others!

Some of the people on the show started their obsessions when faced with economic hardship. OK. I get that. Once you have enough to last you for three years, I think it would be alright to share with those who are facing bigger hardships. One lady couldn’t walk into the grocery store without fixing hair and makeup and dressing up a bit, down to the shiny pleather hooker boots (sorry, but that’s what they looked like to me). Before getting out of the car, she touched up her lipstick again! Her body language at the checkout totally revealed that she was soaking up the attention, too. Once upon a time, in a land of abnormal psychosis … 😀 This lady just kept piling everything willy-nilly onto the conveyor belt, and the register locked up at about $1200. They had to stop there to ring up that much. How they figured out the coupons at that point is beyond me. It looked like they were forcing them through just to get the total down for the cameras. {See what this blogger and her readers have to say about similar possible fraudulent coupon use.}

The lady before her had totaled and planned her shopping trip ahead of time. She split her items into 18 different transactions! I’m not sure which one of them mentioned that it takes about six hours to plan a shopping trip like this. After working more than 40 hours per week at “the day job”, I can’t imagine working another full day just to plan, then shop and put everything away. I’m sure that the time spent planning technically pays far better per hour than that “day job”, but WOW!

I just don’t know. I might get back in the game, but I won’t go extreme!

2 Replies to “Extreme Couponing”

  1. I am so with you on your opinion of this show! I watched it last week and was in utter awwe with the show. My first thought was like yours..Maybe I will learn something! Well I did..I learned that I don’t want to coupon like that. I couldn’t get over the stock piles that these ladies had created. They need to learn when enough is enough. I kept thinking Wow they could really help out some people..Who needs 46 bags of chips! They will go bad before you can eat them! I do think they are borderline hoarders. Just neat and organized hoarders!
    they need help!
    Great post!!


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