I Could Be a Hermit | Day 7 of Vacation

No animal photos for me today. 😦 The lighting this morning was perfect, too. Overcast. At 10:30, the parking garage was full and blocked off, many cars drove around the old parking lot hopeful that someone was leaving (few got lucky), and there was a mob of people waiting to get through admissions. We decided to backtrack to Gunther Toody’s for food first. Second drive-by of the zoo – still packed.

I did find out that the red phone booth still stands. This was the brightest point of the day. Of course there was nowhere free to park for the few minutes it would have taken to snap a few photos, but at least I know it’s still there at 13th and Cherokee.

Then I got turned around, which is so easy to do downtown if you’re not that familiar with driving down there. Add to the unfamiliarity all the construction going on everywhere, and I ended up stuck in opening day traffic. The people. The buses. The jerks who feel compelled to cut you off. I had to pee. This is not a good thing when stuck in traffic with no convenient gas stations or restaurants with free parking anywhere around. I’ve at least learned that if you’re on a numbered street ending with “Street”, you’re going diagonally NW/SE. If your on a numbered street ending with “Avenue”, it runs east and west. People say to look for the mountains to see which way is west. This isn’t always possible when surrounded by tall buildings. This is when a compass would be nice again, and something you’d think would be a standard feature in a Jag.

Finally emerging from the Rockies traffic, we made one final attempt at the zoo. The parking garage was no longer blocked, but spots were only to be had by the lucky ones. We’re not lucky. Almost ever. I still had to pee. We give up on the zoo. Twenty minutes later, and after being stuck behind two more buses and a minor fender bender complete with cop on scene, I find a Burger King. Relief at last!

Not wanting the day to be a complete wash, I stopped at Target to look for leggings. Mission: one white pair and one gray pair. Mission half accomplished. Gray pair scored. Yes, I can still wear leggings. 🙂

I feel bad that the girls were stuck in a car half the day. At least we tried to do something. I could have just as easily spent the entire day at home creating jewelry. There’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with each completed piece of jewelry. Plus, it’s peaceful. I really wanted to photograph animals today, but everyone else had it in their mind to pounce on the first truly gorgeous day of the season and get out of the house as well. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer, and everyone will be off. Hmmm… I think I’ll open my window and just enjoy the fresh air while surrounded by beads & things! Yep – I could be a hermit. Too much time out in public makes me anxious, but that’s for a whole other blog post entirely (if I ever choose to share).

Technically, my 40 hours of vacation time have been used. I’m now into normal weekend time. I knew it would fly by.

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