Movie Obsessions

There are few movies I can watch over and over. Two such movies, if you haven’t already figured out, are Julie & Julia and The Devil Wears Prada. A recent addition to this movie obsession is Eat Pray Love. I recently discovered something similar about these movies. No, not that Meryl Streep is in two of them. Each of these movies is based on the lives of real people. I haven’t read any of the books, but I did find the actual blog by Julie Powell, The Julie/Julia Project … Nobody here but us servantless American cooks…, which I have vowed to finish reading by the end of my vacation. So 365 days worth of working her way through Julia’s cookbook to read in nine days. I should be done well before then because I’ve found that she didn’t blog every single day, making it easy to read through two or three months worth per day.

So far, I’ve learned several things that were changed and even omitted. The date Julie began the project is off by over a week. Why? Who knows!  Julie and Eric moved to their new apartment after she started the project. Julie had a pet snake, ZuZu, who like to sleep in a boot. The orange tabby cat in the movie? Nope! It was a gray, long-haired cat in reality. Also, the apartment was over a Greek restaurant – not a pizza place. Why does this intrigue me so much? It’s like reading a piece of fiction, but it’s really someone’s life. It’s also a revelation about French cooking. Savory but oh so unhealthy! I think if I were to take on such a project, I would choose a Mediterranean cookbook. Not that I need another project!

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