American Idol – Week 3 – America Voted…

…and the judges disagreed!

The judges may disagree with “America”, but this isn’t going to change anything. The votes are skewed, and that’s largely due to the fact that they allow unlimited voting for two hours. Why? So they can impress us all by announcing how many MILLION votes come in each week. The show “Rockstar Supernova” put a cap on how many votes you could enter for each person (I believe it was only ten votes), which is what Idol should do as well.

Still, no matter how you slice it, this is a popularity contest. Anyone who is good enough to be noticed by record labels is going to be approached, and all 11 still standing after this week will have plenty of opportunities to be noticed now since they are all going on the tour this summer. I can’t help but wonder if this was a stunt and that their plan was to save anyone who may have been voted off by America so they’d have 11 for the tour. You never know!

Going forward, I want Pageant Pia to show us if she can handle an increased tempo and really give us a pop performance. Stop giving us “Vegas” and start giving us what will sell. Record producers won’t care how pitch perfect a voice is or how well they can belt a ballad if they don’t also see dollar signs. I also want Thia to showcase that special quality in her voice that I love so much. Casey should bring out the bass again and give us some blues without the all the growling.

I’m losing hope in Haley. I think Stefano is only there for Jennifer to drool over. Though, in his defense, I don’t mind that he closes his eyes. We can’t see Stevie’s eyes, but he’s a real wonder (pun intended)!  I’m not sure why Naima seems to have so many haters. So she’s different – big deal! I like that about her.

I have nothing to say about the rest, and I have no guess on who will win this year. It doesn’t really matter. I just enjoy the entertainment each week! 🙂

The highlight of the results show for me was the birthday song for Steven Tyler. For a minute, I thought we shared a birthday. I found out this morning that his birthday is actually March 26, though. Oh well! He’s still an Aries!

One comment

  • I thought you made a good point about the whole Casey elimination+save being a stunt orchestrated by the producers. The whole results show felt like one carefully orchestrated surprise after another. Now that Casey is on again he should totally bring out the bass again.

    I also agreed with your take on Pageant Pia (great nickname btw). Even Celine did uptempo songs between her big hit ballads. I had pegged Pia to be this season’s Katherine McPhee, but she really needs to show some punch.

    Great recap!


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