Wast Management Recycling | Photo Desperation

I’m so desperate to be behind the camera that I’ll shoot just about anything at this point. This resulted in me grabbing my 70-200 and shooting from my office window this morning with the following results…

I noticed later when viewing the images that I had been spotted!

Dear Mr. Waste Management Dude: I’m sorry I don’t know the politically correct term for your position, and I hope I didn’t make you uneasy or suspicious. This is what I do. Deal with it!

Here’s a great article on what anyone has the right to photograph. And this is what I have printed out and carry with me. Basically, anything or anyone visible to the public can be photographed. I’m very sensitive to people’s sense of privacy, though. I try to avoid making anyone uncomfortable by making it appear that I’m focused on a nearby or distant object, even if I do want the person in the photo. Actually, I rarely do “street photography” in the first place for the simple fact that it IS out of my comfort zone. Although, I love the concept and want to get over this hang-up.

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