American Idol Top 13

America chose the top 10, and the judges picked two three wildcards.

Have they always eliminated half of the top 24 immediately? When I picked my top 5 guys and top 5 girls the other day, I was thinking it would take a few weeks to get down to that many. I was very close in my picks, too! I thought Lauren Turner would be in the top 10. I’m surprised that Paul was chosen by America – didn’t see that one coming. Stefano’s performance on Tuesday night missed the mark a bit with me but when he sang for his life on Thursday, I agree that he redeemed himself. I’m also not sure about Ashton. I think Kendra did better singing for her life than Ashton.

My favorite guy this week is Casey, and my favorite girl is Karen.


One thought on “American Idol Top 13

  1. I haven’t seen the girls yet (recorded) but I was not impressed by a few of the guys. NOt sure their names yet. I too was surprised they picked 24 so quickly. But I am really enjoying this season. I love the judges!


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